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To Edit, or not to Edit.

I’m now over 28,846 words into my novel and I’m only on Chapter 5. Things are coming along smoothly, or so I thought. Last night, I had a dream.

Enter Me, Protagonist, and a large comfortable couch. I sit on this couch. Commence scene.

Me: Woah. This couch is comfortable.

Protagonist: I’m pissed off.

Me: Why? I though the novel was coming along nicely. I got a huge chunk of work done.

Protagonist: You realize how nice my parents are?

Me: -nods-

Protagonist: They’re TOO nice. Where’s the conflict? I thought you wanted to have me turn into a bad-ass. The only thing this story is going to turn me into is…well, nothing!

Me: You turn into a werewolf.

Protagonist: psshhh pleeaasseeee. Most of this novel was nothing to do about werewolves, and you know what, that would be okay if it was about SOMETHING.

Me: Like responsibility? Change? Learning about yourself?

Protagonist: And when does any of this stuff ever come into play in the novel?

Me: It has. I think.

Protagonist: Yeah. Let my parents talk to you.

-Enter protagonist’s parents, slightly different than I pictured.-

Mom-Parent: I need to bitch more about her grades.

Dad-Parent: I need to bitch more about her appereance.

Mom-Parent: Don’t forget lack of social skills. And friends.

Dad-Parent: That’s right. -to Me– ARE YOU GETTING ALL OF THIS? We WANT to be dicks.

Protagonist: And I want something to be wrong with me. Take a few good whacks at my self-esteem. You should re-evaluate your theme, too.

Me: ………..

/ End Scene.

I think I’ve got some work to do.


Chapter One Wordcount

I’m doing yet another draft of Chapter One of The Project. This time around, I decided to merge my ‘intro’ into chapter one, since the perspectives are going to be switching quite a bit now. The story starts out with Adrian, flips to Ren, flips to Adrian. Its sort of become an emo werewolf sandwich with a nice filling of whiny bitch in the center. >>

In the re-write, Ren is getting a bit more personality. If your a stalker of my Deviantart Page, you’ll be familiar with my crisis back in July, were I realized Ren had the personality of sandpaper. Now, she’s grown slightly, and has the personality of whiny bitch. Not much different than her original personality when I really started roleplaying her…what, seven years ago? Eight? Nine? I don’t want to say Ten. Its hard to put a date on when I began this project.

Anyway, back to what I was saying before. With the re-write of chapter one (including the intr0) I’m only at 2976 words. Not a bad thing, considering I still have the werewolf scenes to add, but still one of those moments were I look at the 20-page count of my original first chapter and gulp a little bit. Actually, I’m happy its shorter. I cut out a lot of nonsense. (Did you really need to know Ren went shopping with her mom, or checked out a hot guy in a bakery? No. While they were originally relevant to the plot, that changed when I re-wrote it.)

I’m -guesstimating- that by the time I end chapter 1, it’ll be at least 5000 words long. Oh. Interesting fact, mozilla spell-check registers ‘guesstimating’ as an actually word. I spelled it wrong, and was surprised when I right-clicked and it came up. Damn. Color me impressed.


EDIT: Finished Chapter 1. Final word count: 5626. Hooray!

Becoming Pavlov’s Dog (Part 1)

So, I’ve been doing some thinking. (A Dangerous thing, I know!) I realized that I’m far more likely to write when I’m motivated. I tend to write more by hand when I have a really nice ink pen and loose leaf VS notebook paper and a pencil. This past December, once it got dark, I’d turn on the Christmas lights and the fire place and sit in front of the Christmas tree while my cats tried to see who could get closer to the fire place without the other one noticing.

I wrote a lot. Except I ended cutting most of it out when I re-did my outline, so all that work is now obsolete.

When I was younger (and by younger I mean ‘within the last 5 years’), I was always more motivated to write when I had a certain song stuck in my head. I would actually do my homework with a play list of music that I now only listen to when I’m cleaning. I’ve decided to do a little experiment.

I have already mentally divided up my music to associate certain songs/genres/albums with certain events or parts of my day. For example, I have a few mix CDs that I only listen to when I clean. Every time I hear¬† a song from the ‘cleaning’ playlists, I feel more motivated to move about and do something. If I tried to listen to these CD’s before bed, I have a much harder time falling asleep than I would if I didn’t listen to music, or listened to music I play every night before bed.¬† The same thing has been recommended for me with studying, only in terms of clothes. I was told that wearing the same outfit you studied in to the day of the test might help put your mind back in the ‘studying mood’. However, schools tend to frown upon hoodies and giant monster toe slippers.

I’ve decided to match songs to ‘scenes’ in my story. I will only listen to these songs while I write. Hopefully, that’ll motivate me to get into the theme. I’ve asked about on a few different forums for some suggestions, and I’m waiting to find out what I’ll get. Unfortunately, I had to say ‘no’ to a lot of rap. I’m not fond of the genre to start with, and it was just too distracting for me to write with. While I am usually a big metal fan, I’ve found that I end up getting way to distracted by it to actually to any writing.

Now, I just have to wait and see. My next update should hopefully be ‘matching’ whatever I get to certain scenes. Oh boy!