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The Scorpio Races Review

Maggie Stiefvater makes horses scary.

This is The Black Stallion with fangs, a book that’s ready to sink its teeth into your shoulder and drag you kicking and screaming through the pages.

Stiefvater’s use of imagery leaves readers with a frantic drumbeat in their head and the insistent feeling that one should be checking for sand in their shoes. This book is dubbed a love story and rightly so, but the love readers will find here won’t be in stolen kisses and awkward gropes on the beach. Instead, Stiefvater’s words stir up a mixture of feelings that will have readers looking at the ocean in a whole new way.

This is not a book for cynical adults. For people who look around and hate the world, hate their job, and have too many obligations that a 404 page journey through Thisby is about as impossible as jumping on a plane and trying to find Thisby, put this book back.

Highly recommended to teen readers, fans of The Black Stallion, and bad faeries.

My favorite book of 2011.

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This Isn’t Halloween

This is the first year I didn’t dress up for Halloween.

Actually, let me elaborate: This is the first year I didn’t wear a costume for Halloween.

Remember the scene in Mean Girls where the narrator learns that Halloween means wearing lingerie, adding a pair of animal ears, and calling it a costume? Apparently, people think this is serious business. I slapped on a pair of cat-ears on my regular black corset/skirt/boots ensemble and got quite a few compliments on how “awesome” my “black-cat” costume was. I listened to the other goth chick complain how everyone thought her outfit was a costume and being insulted but hey, a compliment is a compliment.

I was getting a little disheartened that I simply didn’t have the time or even the reason to do zombie make-up on myself this year, so the PennState Gals came to the rescue. The trio was volunteering at a local haunted house thing and cheered me up by letting me make them into zombies. I realized halfway into the make-up that I was missing a core ingredient.

I had no fake blood.

Not having fake blood for a zombie costume is like having no water for soup! I dug through my kit frantically and finally found one of those generic CVS tubes of red dye that pretends to be fake blood, but I think it worked out okay. I finally made it up to party city post-Halloween for a container, just in time for Faeriecon.

Luckily, you don’t need fake blood to carve your dead dog onto a pumpkin.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!