The last (published) writing-related post dealt with an issue I’m still having: Word-count.

At that time, I was almost at the halfway point in my novel and I felt like I didn’t have enough conflict. I was afraid of my word-count. Some people are afraid they don’t have enough words; I’m terrified I have too many. Then, I was looking at the over-all picture. Now, I’m looking at a smaller section.

I am one chapter away from starting the climax of my novel. Great news, except that these little pre-climax scenes are somehow much longer than I expected.

What I anticipated as being half a chapter has suddenly sprawled into a chapter and a half. I need this scenes to progress the plot, but I don’t need them to be so long.

The logical step is to cut them in half.

So, naturally, instead of cutting them in half I’m here updating this blog. Hitting the ‘delete’ button on 5000 words is a terrifying prospect.